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Portland Trail Blazers Vs. New Orleans Pelicans: Damian Lillard Strikes Again

Nearly a quarter of their total production came after an offensive rebound. This saved their bacon on a night when they fired only 8-29 (28%) from the arc, when their superstar scored only 18 and was held to 33% from the field, and when the free throw edge to which they've become accustomed netted them only +3 points. Also important: the Blazers held New Orleans to 8 fast break points, roughly half of their average. The big picture says the Blazers could have played better but they could have played worse as well. The same can be said about the Pelicans.

Final: Blazers Crumble the Nuggets, 110-105

But not before Lillard did jaket jepang online this: Denver 67, Portland 59 Thanks, I'm missing Mike Barrett's commentary. by jnewhouse Third Quarter: An inspired Denver team opened the quarter with a three-pointer and a block to force a turnover, followed by another three-pointer, a layup and another three-pointer. Their lead reached 15 as the crowd (and Gameday Thread crew) grew frustrated. The Blazers struggled to make a run, making sloppy mistakes and missing one-on-one shots.

Call Of The Game: Aldridge Records New Career-High

As LaMarcus Aldridge stood at the free-throw line with his Trail Blazers up 103-100, he was serenaded with chants of "M-V-P! M-V-P! M-V-P!" Not only did the L-Train calmly knock down both at the charity stripe to give Portland a 110-105 victory over Denver, but he also set a new career-high in the process.

NBA midseason report: Here's what you've missed

Smith He missed the opening five games because of a drug suspension. He attempted one shot in a game that the Knicks could have and should have won at Boston, which came the day after a reported argument with coach Mike Woodson. He was fined $50,000 for repeatedly untying opponents' shoelaces. Worst of all is his 36.5 percent shooting from the field. Biggest deadline move: Adam Silver replaces David Stern The league has been preparing for the deputy commissioner to take command next month on the 30th anniversary of Stern's ascendance. Silver is expected to negotiate a lucrative new TV deal while providing his own point of view on issues like the lottery, advertising on uniforms, the prevention of injuries (see above) and other issues.

New Orleans Pelicans at Portland Trail Blazers game preview

... The Blazers, who lost their last game, 120-109 at Minnesota, are one of two teams that have not lost consecutive games this season, along with San Antonio. ...

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